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Commercial Leasing Brokers in Boise

Commercial Leasing Brokers in Boise A commercial lease broker specializes in representing tenants or landlords in lease negotiations. Depending on which party hires them, the commercial lease broker represents that party’s interests. If they’re hired by the tenant, they’ll negotiate lease terms that favor the tenant. If they’re hired by the landlord, they’ll negotiate terms […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers Boise

Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Boise Many people are tentative to hire commercial real estate brokers because they don’t know how a broker helps buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants. The role of a commercial real estate broker depends on who they’re serving. The broker has the sole interest of whoever hired them. If you’re looking […]

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Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Virtual Tours for Real Estate Interest for virtual tours is skyrocketing in response to COVID. At KZB we believe realtors do their best work in person. While we can’t provide this value in the current climate, the next best solution is virtual tours.  Virtual tours provide a medium for realtors to engage with prospective buyers […]

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