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Top 5 Title Companies in Boise

If you’re thinking about investing in a commercial property in Boise, then you would need a title company to manage the closing of the deal. Title companies ensure that the seller has rights to sell the property, reviews closing documents, and plays a vital part in the “settlement”. 

In Boise, there are numerous title companies that offer real estate and escrow services to homebuyers and agents. In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 5 title companies in Boise that offer transparent title research and efficiency.

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TitleOne is one of the oldest title and escrow companies in Boise that has been providing real estate services to both agents and investors. If you need professional and innovative assistance during the home buying and selling process you don’t need to look any further as Title delivers a high-end level of services to investors and consumers in all real estate areas. 

The company has over 20 offices across Treasure Valley and offers real estate transactions across the United States. Whether you’re looking to purchase office space for your business or invest in a new construction project, Title promises to successfully close even the most complicated real estate transactions. 

Aside from providing educational classes and continuing education for realtors, TitleOne also provides tools such as PropertyOne, which gives you instant access to property information. The app has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to find information about multiple properties whenever you need it. 

The company also offers transaction coordination, single/multi-site pricing, document packages, information reports and guarantees, as well as long-term escrow services. Title’s great success in the real estate industry is due to their large network of underwriters, access to resources, and reliable web tools, all of which guarantee the closing of deals that are beneficial for both sides.

Pioneer Title Co.

Founded in 1949, Pioneer Title Co. is one of the most reputable companies that offers title and escrow services in Boise. Their services have been delivering secure real estate transactions from Treasure Valley in Southern Idaho to Eastern Washington for more than five decades and they’ve opened facilities in Gem and Blaine recently. 

Pioneer Title Company takes pride in being engaged in the local community and their many company principles center around traditional values such as family and respect. With a dynamic team of more than 200 employees, the company manages to provide a wide range of real estate services to investors and realtors including title and escrow closing services, cash for long-term escrow receivables, long term escrow collections,1031 tax-deferred exchange, and lender trustee services. 

The company also offers a number of reliable technology systems such as the mortgage calculator which can be used to calculate monthly payments of a home mortgage loan and town property taxes.

First American Title Insurance Company

First American Title Insurance Company offers real estate and escrow services both throughout the United States and abroad. The company offers a wide range of services to investors, sellers, homebuyers, realtors, loan originators, and other real estate professionals that are in some way involved in property transactions. 

The company consists of two legal entities including First American Title Insurance Company, which provides products and services for the real estate industry, and CoreLogic, an organization devoted to delivering the latest news in the real estate industry. 

From valuation services, home warranty products, insurance, and closing settlements to investment advisory services, First American Title Insurance Company’s financial services ensure a smooth transaction and satisfying customer services. 

Empire Title & Escrow

If you’re part of the real estate industry, then you are aware that purchasing and selling properties is a long process that comes with a tremendous amount of documentation. That’s precisely why you need a company such as Empire Title, which constantly invests in its products and technology to provide clients with an excellent customer experience that can save them thousands of dollars in the long run. 

The company benefits from its local community network and can provide realtors with some valuable information about the area. Their team takes part in every step of the transaction process and works with both parties to prepare documents, survey important information about the properties, and keep records of the sale. Empire Title fosters principles such as openness, so you can expect effectiveness and impeccably coordinated communication between parties when it comes to loan and legal documents.

Fidelity National Title

Fidelity National Title is a large title insurance company that’s been a leading player in the real estate industry when it comes to providing title insurance and settlement services to homebuyers and agents. 

The company currently holds #1 in market share in real estate transactions and commercial markets and their success is due to investing in the latest escrow software and leading real estate solutions. Their investments follow the industry trends and offer clients essential services such as notary services, UCC insurance, and relocation services.

With Fidelity National Title, you can rest assured you’ll have a qualified intermediary by your side. From smart title automation, a complete CRM software for real estate marketing, and a full-service platform for connecting sellers and buyers, Fidelity National Title is big on providing a transparent and smooth real estate experience for their clients.

How Do Title Companies Make Money?

Title companies usually offer a wide area of real estate services and make money in several different ways depending on those services. The first thing a title company does is perform title research, which ensures the buyer that they are going to buy a legal property.

Title research consists of analyzing legal documents to confirm that the seller has rights over the property and doesn’t hide unpaid mortgages and unpaid linens on the property. This type of service costs between 200$ and 400$ depending on the company. Title companies also sell title insurance to lending institutions and buyers as well as title insurance premiums to the seller.

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