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Commercial Property Marketing Strategy Are you looking for a cost-effective commercial marketing strategy? It may be that your leasing team has disappointed you or your property listings are not getting the attention they deserve. Owning a large property or an office development may sound like a big deal, but that’s only true if you also […]

Top 5 Title Companies in Boise If you’re thinking about investing in a commercial property in Boise, then you would need a title company to manage the closing of the deal. Title companies ensure that the seller has rights to sell the property, reviews closing documents, and plays a vital part in the “settlement”.  In […]

Commercial Property Tax Deductions Are you interested in investing in commercial real estate? Commercial properties are considered to be a good investment because they can generate wealth and ensure a steady monthly cash flow. However, they are also risky, so before you put your money down it’s better to learn about all the taxes you […]

Commercial Property Hard Money Lending Commercial properties are an excellent investment because they generate higher returns than residential properties and have longer leases.  However, searching for ways to finance the asset can seem too confusing and complex for borrowers and most shy away from some great opportunities because the loan requirements, particularly in traditional financing, […]

Commercial Lease vs Retail Lease Before entering a lease, tenants and landlords must be aware of the different obligations and responsibilities that come with signing the contract. Although commercial and retail leases have some similarities, there are some substantial differences between these two types of contracts. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most […]

Commercial Property Underwriting Investing in commercial property is a risky deal, especially if you need a real estate loan. Your loan application will be examined by the lender’s underwriter who will ultimately decide whether you’ll get the loan or not. That’s why is important that you do your paperwork and provide full documentation as well […]

Renting Commercial Real Estate in Boise Whether you’re launching a new business or expanding an existing one, signing a lease can be a worthwhile step for any business owner. However, before you put your signature on paper make sure you know the ins and outs of the commercial real estate world.  Renting Commercial Property Checklist […]

Commercial Property Lease With Option to Buy When negotiating your commercial property lease, it’s important to know your options considering that purchasing office space is often a big expense for a company. In this article, we’ll discuss lease-option-to-buy contracts and how they can be beneficial for tenant-buyers.  What Is a Lease Option to Buy? A […]

Best Apps for CREs in 2021 Nowadays, deals are being done through digital channels more and more, and there are numerous apps on the market that help counselors of real estate with the buying and renting process. From receipt tracking and eSignature tools to virtual scheduling assistants, these successful apps can boost your efficiency and […]


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