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A Modern Marketing Strategy for your Commercial Property

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The digital media age is here and commercial property owners and tenants can benefit from it. For landlords, digital media provides an effective way to advertise properties. For tenants, digital media provides a vehicle to educate the public that you exist.

For these reasons KZB Real Estate has invested heavily in building our digital media network. When our clients hire us, they tap into our audience and our media distribution.

We have social accounts that get hundreds of thousands of impressions per month, we understand how to target business owners with paid digital advertising, and we know how to make viral ready content that is optimized to get the most impressions.

For landlords, this means the ability to promote listing to the greater Boise Metro and beyond. For tenants, this means access to thousands of people to promote your business — before it even launches.

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Social Media Marketing for Commercial Property

There are two types of social media, organic social and paid social. Organic social is impressions that you get from earned or “free” media. Organic impressions are ones that you don’t pay Instagram for. In contrast, paid social is impressions or clicks that you pay for. We use both types of social media marketing strategically.

Organic Social Media Marketing for Commercial Properties

This section will focus on organic social and the impressions we get from all our digital properties. This isn’t paid, these are people who follow and engage with us out of their free will. To measure our impressions we use a tool that imports the data directly from the channels APIs into a data visualizer.

To reiterate, we use this audience as a tool to promote your commercial property or business when you engage us as a brokerage.

Instagram for Commercial Property Advertising

Blake Haggett, CCIM Personal Instagram Stats

Impressions per Month


Followers by region

Followers by City



YOY Media Impression Growth

KZB Real Estate Instagram Stats

Impressions per month

Followers by region

Followers by City

YOY Media Impressions

Tiktok for Commercial Property Advertising

Tiktok is quickly becoming a valuable social channel for commercial real estate. 50% of users are 35+, and over 50% of users make $75K+ a year on average. Due to these demographics, we have been investing heavily in Tiktok.

In a single month we get 900K+ impressions on Blake’s personal Tiktok.

Paid Social Media Marketing for Commercial Properties

Along with our organic strategy, we also help clients with their paid social. In the Boise area alone there are 100K+ business owners that are targetable, and we know how to get in front of them with our listings and through personal email.

Digital Media Production for Commercial Property Advertising

Having an audience is one thing, knowing what media to make for that audience is another challenge. KZB offers a full service video and photography service for our clients. We provide:

  • Drone video and photo of properties
  • Indoor and outdoor photo and video
  • Editing and post production

When you work with us, we have the audience, the means of media production and most importantly the channels to distribute this media.

Commercial Property Marketing and Advertising

Advertising for commercial real estate can be a challenge for many people since there are so many options. While we aren’t negating that traditional media works, what we’re advocating is that digital media is more target, easier to track and more cost effective.

How do you market commercial real estate?

To sell a property you need to know where to promote that listing. Since commercial real estate is a very visual industry, channels that allow for display advertising are the most effective. In our experience, we’ve seen Facebook and Instagram be the most successful at producing leads.

How do you advertise commercial real estate?

Traditional ways to advertise commercial real estate are TV, print and radio. But commercial real estate has changed and digital media is now the most effective advertising channel.

The major advantage digital media has is the ability to get more granular than traditional media. Showing up in front of the right people is more important than showing up in front of everyone, and digital media allows for this granularity.

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