COVID Resources for Small Business Owners

In these times of uncertainty we wanted to give you some resources to help you get through these difficult times. 

KZB Real Estate has identified some resources that are offered by the U.S Small Business Association that may be of help to not only our clients but all small business owners affected by COVID-19. Please review the links below if you are a small business owner seeing the stress of the pandemic. 


SBA Support for Business Impacted by Coronavirus:


Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources:


The U.S. Small Business Administration has approved an Economic Injury Disaster Loan Assistance Fund for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. In order for Idaho and our region to become eligible for assistance, affected Idaho businesses need to file an Economic Injury Worksheet. In our state, this effort is being led by the Idaho Department of Commerce. The Economic Injury Worksheet and other information regarding the assistance can be found on the Department of Commerce’s COVID-19 webpage. The assistance is available to both for and not-for-profit businesses.  Jerry Miller at the Idaho Department of Commerce is the point of contact, (208)-287-0780).


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