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Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Interest for virtual tours is skyrocketing in response to COVID. At KZB we believe realtors do their best work in person. While we can’t provide this value in the current climate, the next best solution is virtual tours. 

Virtual tours provide a medium for realtors to engage with prospective buyers in an immersive digital landscape. Live, guided tours help you tell your story to your audience without having to be in the physical space. 

KZB Real Estate provides virtual tour filming for your residential or commercial business. Our team of professional videographers handle filming, editing and deployment of content. 

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It’s No Secret, Virtual Tours Are Becoming Popular

The National Association of Realtors conducted a study in 2017 that found that 50% of people who took a virtual tour found it useful in their buying process.

A study found listings with a virtual tours get 87% more views than those without.

Planet Home’s ‘Trend Study’ concluded that 75% of potential customers consider a virtual tour to be a major decision-making tool proceeding a purchase.

Virtual tours help realtors sell properties more effectively and efficiently. 

What are virtual tours

A virtual tour is a simulation of a physical property that is made up stitched together 3D photos. This simulation makes a map of the space, and allows users to move within the space and look around the respective environment. 

How do you make a virtual tour for real estate?

The technology suite KZB Real Estate uses is based on Matterport. Matterport is a combination of hardware and software that allows users to make 3D maps of spaces. All maps are hosted on Matterport servers and access to Matterport hosting comes free when you use KZB for your virtual tour filming. 

Are virtual tours worth it?

In 2018 Google My Business conducted a study that found 360 media increased booking by 85%. Bottom line, YES.

How do I host a virtual tour?

Hosting a virtual tour is as easy as setting a time with your client and sharing your screen. Once your 3D tour is uploaded to Matterport, your client and you can use Zoom or another video conferencing service to do a walkthrough of the property. 

How do I upload a virtual tour to my website?

Putting the 3D model KZB makes for your on your site is as easy as sharing a YouTube video. You copy the iframe code, and paste it wherever you would like on your site – it’s that simple. 

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